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Just me


Posted on 2007.01.31 at 23:33
I'm targeting on my music and sharpening my skills.
Proof be known I'm not for a cheap thrill.
Sitting in my car dealing with LA traffic.
Only a Ca man is able to hack it.
Road work, drives me bazerk
Got to do what I gotta do just to find work!
Dodging traffic on the hell's highway
Or passin resumes on the Internet speed way.
 I'm hitting the streets with my ill-matic music.
Jakes doing the drums just like i'm used to it.
Two man team, music's dream team
Writing the music of truth...not something green.
I'll never tell a lie...never even on the day I die.
You can not judge a man's work in a day,
but you can judge a man's day by his work and then pay.
So pay me the money that we both know I'm worth.
Don't kick me around and pretend that I'm dirt.
I have traveled down roads that were unclean.
But that doesn't matter I grew up on those streets
They made me, shaped me, and never disobey me.
These are thoughts that I have been portraying lately.
I'mma whiteboy but I am not Mr Slim Shady.

That walter reed was like a really bad play.
Drama wasn't even the half of it.
People misunderstood every little bit.
I passed as a boy quite often.
I had a few fight I boxed in.
Held my own in class and on the court.
Yup you guess it basketball was my sport.
Killing everyone with my 3 point game.
ask me again and I'll tell it the same.
Walter Reed middle school was a difficult time.
That when i knew this world didn't give a dime.
Everything around me seemed against me.
Everything I saw or did just depressed me.
I lost all sence of hope, tought about finding some rope.
i didn't give in, not sure how i held it all in.
Thankfully I did...i grew up fast not much of a kid.

Just me

Resting Angel poem

Posted on 2007.01.17 at 13:05

She was the first dog I ever had the honor of owning.

Her one year is coming and I feel lonely.

Looking at my pictures of my little Princess.

Makes my eyes water and I get restless.

Just me

A little somethang, somethang

Posted on 2006.10.13 at 16:46
Current Music: Evanescence. Lithium.
I swear it, it just keeps getting better.
Things like it should getting easier.
A wonderful like shouldn't be so hard to reach.
And here I am getting it while stuck in a seat.
Body disabled, but yet the body is fully capable.
Knee surgery was a day away, still nothing will keep me away.
My goals are locked in target, so I can finally go for it.
Figuring out totals, money and time off work.
No doubt in my mind, I'll make this work.
Can't hold a good man down,
Hell you can't even tackle me to the ground.
I'm too strong, and this idea is too far along.
I can't be stopped, keep going till I reach the top.
Everything is almost completed, with no way to be defeated.

Just me

Something fast...

Posted on 2006.09.18 at 00:57
Current Mood: contentcontent
Minutes ticking slowly staring at the clock again,
I want my bed, but sleep can't win.
Reconditioning my body for a new position.
Stay up stay strong it's my own mission.
Very sleepily, I'd love just rest my head for a moment.
Won't give it to emotions, but I own it.
I'm strong enough to press forward.
Won't need another shoulder.
I can rely on myself to come through.
I said I would and that's what I will do.
I never make a false statement.
If I do kick me to the pavement.
These two weeks will really be my worse torment.
But after I complete it, it will be heaven sent.
It's like I set myself up for a difficult battle.

Just me

Say what...

Posted on 2006.08.05 at 19:59
Current Music: Beats
Sitting near the radio playing country music.
Pondering ways on how to get through this.
I'm at a point in my life, where nothing seems right.
And at a lost for words, to help explain the hurt.
Stressing I'm way beyond that now.
Have no idea when life went south.
Seems so difficult to climb out of this whole.
This is the only way to explain how my happiness was stolen.(*continue the "en" into the "in")
In my heart I feel dispirit to find the answers I need.
I consider it important while others could call it greed.
It's my life and I only have one life to live.
But when is too much, too much to give?
Craving a way to make a positive change.
To attempt to stop taking my life in vain.
Stop complaining and make shit happen fast.
Or my future will by pass me too fast.

Just me

Staying it like it is...

Posted on 2006.08.02 at 20:42
Current Mood: crankycranky
July twenty seventh two thousand and six.
That's when my mother gave birth to me a few minutes before six.
My birth year was two years after nineteen eighty.
Speaking of (shhh) that's the birth year of my lady.
Back on topic, I was born to a half loving family.
A father that wanted a child so badly, with a mother wishing not have me.
For now many years have pasted since my unplanned birth.
I have struggled to overcome pains while walking the Earth.
Thursday was filled with joy and confusion at the same time.
There's still no way to explain what's felt in my mind.
Friends did their best, while hidden pains hit hard in my chest.
A father gone seven long years, gives life to too many fears.
A mother of my past is back in the future, it hurts.
Twenty fourth birthday, no card or a call for the child of a unplanned birth.
Been this new age for less than a week.
Honestly this depression been on longer than a week.
How come sadness is never seen up a head in plain view?
That way you can expect it, think it over, and plan what to do.
I'm unsure of myself and my dreams.
Only 24, but having nightmares filled with screams.
"what will you do with your life?
Make a QUICK choice, but make sure it's RIGHT!"
There's never enough time in the days ahead.
It's making life difficult to enjoy getting' out of bed.
When did this become such an intense issue?
Why does everyone have this moment we all go through?
This emotion should have been left out.
Hell maybe even sadness, heartbreak, and doubt.

Just me

Boredom while it's hot, why the fuck not?!?

Posted on 2006.06.30 at 15:52
Current Mood: hothot
Come on and talk to me, And I will talk to you.
And we can speak on what we go thru.
In our daliy lives, BS and ask why.
Cause it's not easy, you's feel queazy.
Sickening thoughts, feelin low and what not.
But your not alone, get in the zone.

Trust is difficult to come by, I can see some hurt in ya eye.
Can't we talk it out, and try to work this out?
I'll be understanding, you can be witty and uncanny.
That's what I like about you, thoughtful things speak true.
Like East and West, no words spoken say it best.
North and South, what our love is about.
So different, but so similar.
All the guys in the world, I'm the winner.

Just me

One shot, two shot, three shot... floor.

Posted on 2006.06.29 at 12:32
Current Mood: boredbored
I know I'm not alone on this subject I'm sure of that shit.
I can't be the only one to get hung over because of this.
I swear my depression forces me to hug the bottle.
And yes I know damn well I really shouldn't aught to.
But for some reason on days just like these.
A few shots in my system I'm easy to please.
Alcohol gathers my emotions and forces me to think.
Just how fucked up my life is and how fast I'll sink.
But as I pound shot and after shot and I become drunk.
Suddenly I brain storm super ways to get out of this funk.
I write a drunken ramble on shit I must do.
In order to forget the life I have been put through.
I have flown through depression, rage, and pleasure.
On how high my life can,should and will measure.
Before life seemed like there was really no reason to be.
Somehow I've managed to find the appetite and purpose to be me.

Just me

Everyone is out to make a story...

Posted on 2006.06.29 at 08:49
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Numbing my brain with obstacles to overcome.
Seriously looking for a way out, but can't find one.
The pressure I allowed to build up is over flowing.
The burdens I place on my shoulders have no damn ending.
When asked 'why' I haven't got an acceptable response.
Thinkin' will I be remembered for good when I pass on?
Hunch my shoulders forward and put my head down.
Casually walk on while nervously watching the ground.
I feel as if I might be tripped by others feet.
Cause they don't like me and feel the need to mistreat.
Me as a human, instead like an animal.
Honestly the behavior is unfathomable.
What happened to "do to others as you would want done to you?"
Does that old fashion way mean something to only a select few?
It's impossible for struggles to be made private.
I mean honestly there's no need in denying it.
It's seen constantly in the news daily about other's lives.
Seems like everyone in the worlds has it's own spies.
Everyone is out to make a story about the bad.

Just me
Posted on 2006.05.05 at 14:08
Current Location: work in Van nuys
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic
Current Music: Radio
I will not allow idiots to get to me.
I know my presence makes 'em fidgety.
These bitches gettin' on my nerves.
It's aiight tho gives me a reason to play on words.
Pump out these lyrics like I do push ups.
My rhymes make fuck ups shut up.
I'm constantly blowin' these fish out of water.
Writing, speaking, doing it all like I oughta.
Doing things in hopes of bettering myself.
I'm broker than fuck, but who needs wealth?
Got one girl in my life, my friends are limited.
The words I just spoke do not make me timid.
I'mma hustler allowing nothing and no one to stand in my way.
I know there are few, not many that understand what I say.
Placing large pressure filled boulders on my shoulders.
That forces me push to press on strong.
Won't allow others to hold me down long.

This next spit is a freestyle...I'm just fucking around so it's gonna probably suck balls. You have been warned...and it's gonna be fast. That how my mind is going right now. In case you care.
I hate to interrupt my confinement.
But I do have a lyrical assignment.
To abide by, so it's time to say good bye.
No need to wonder why, I'm just that type of guy.
Spit a freestyle off the tip of my tongue.
Now you wanna know how well I'm hung.
I believe it's no concern to you.
No, I'm not done. I'm not through.
I still have plenty to say to you.
And you and you, and him too.
Going off stupid style on the M-I-C.
I know how much you wish you was me.
Well your in luck, cause I suddenly give a fuck.
I'm currently selling tickets to get in my cranium.
Holy shit! I didn't know all you gave a damn.
Now I have to start giving out a refund for suck-age.
Like Mandy the fucking Moore did.
Yah heard 'bout that? it was in the news.
Your way too busy taken a snooze.
Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. I wish I was
But who does...n't This is stupid so fuck it.

I'm off.
(NOTE TO SELF...I suck! LMAO that was fun!)

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